Hi! My name is Alejandra Martinez and I am the founder, designer and seamstress of Sira. I grew up in Santiago, Chile and moved to the US in 2014. 


I first realized my love for fashion design while working as a model as a young girl. I spent 12 years wearing designs for the runway show, print and television campaigns. While I enjoyed being in front of the camera, the most engaging part of being a model was working directly with the designers, observing their creative process and dedication to the craft that I yearned to do for myself one day. I remember going to atelier fittings and listening to conversations about fabric, trim styles and finishing elements that were being used on the garments.

Once the pieces were finished and ready to demonstrate on the runway, I found that the romance of being the creator of the designs steadily overtook my passion for modeling.


While I loved my modeling work as a young woman, I always felt that something was missing in my academic life during high school and university where I studied business administration, and even more so when I went on to complete a master’s program in Consumer Behavior. Despite my passion for design, aesthetics and fashion, I couldn’t figure out the answers to nagging questions I kept asking myself, like “What’s next?” and “What is missing in my life?”

Creating my own designs was the answer that would give me the fulfillment I was seeking, and learning to design clothing became my new mission. I decided at that moment to enroll in a post-graduate fashion design program so I could learn the skills required to build my own fashion business one day. I spent many years perfecting my walks and looks for other designers, and learning how to cut, sew and finish garments so I can now leverage my lifelong experience into Sira Design, a brand I am now developing from my new East Coast home in Miami, FL.

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